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Wat Chaweng

Koh Samui’s intriguing culture attracts many history buffs who are interested in learning more about the island’s culture and heritage. A majority of the residents on the island are followers of Buddhism, therefore, there is an array of pagodas and wats found on island which are used for worship.

Whether staying in Lamai or Chaweng, you will come across a number of religious temples. One such temple is Wat Sawang Arom Chaweng, which is a small and quaint wat located near Chaweng Beach.

Wat Chaweng Template, Koh Samui

Those who are driving to this site can take the 4169 ring road from the Chaweng Beach. As the wat is not a large tourist attraction, it is easy to miss. Once you get to the location, reaching the wat will require a 90-metre walk from the parking point. Visitors will need to walk up a hill to reach this beautiful wat.

Spend some time exploring this site, as it is a lovely place for quiet contemplation and features a spiritual and peaceful setting.

The temple features a lot of seated areas, so visitors can sit back, relax and meditate. You can also spend many hours exploring the spectacular views of Chaweng Beach from a high vantage point near the temple. This truly is the perfect place for those who seek tranquillity on their holiday.

As the wat is near the beach, visitors can easily access the popular shopping venues and chains of restaurants adjoining Chaweng beach. So if you are staying at a hotel or resort near Chaweng beach, you should pay a visit to this beautiful wat.

Wat Sawang Arom Chaweng School
4169 Highway Ring Road
Just south of the Tesco Lotus
Chaweng, Koh Samui

Opening Hours
10am - Late

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What is the Wat Chaweng address?
Wat Sawang Arom Chaweng School
4169 Highway Ring Road
Just south of the Tesco Lotus, Chaweng, Koh Samui

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What are the Wat Chaweng opening hours?

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