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Coronavirus (covid-19) Closures & Cancellations

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Closures & Cancellations

Due to the rapidly changing events around the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic around the world, there have been significant impacts on travel around the globe. Many tourist attractions have been temporarily closed and upcoming events have either been cancelled or postponed to a later date in the year.

While we will endeavour to ensure that our website has the most up to date information from all of the different attractions and events, we can only share information that has been released from the attraction owners and event organisers.

We encourage you all to check the official information sources for the most recent and up-to-date information (ie Official websites, Facebook Pages, Google, etc). Additional to this, please feel free to reach out to the owners/organisers via the phone numbers or email addresses listed on the pages. We are also free to answer any questions you may have.

Please refer to the official government news sources for the most accurate and up to date information on the virus, along with how this may impact you. The Royal Thai Governments’s Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can be found at: https://www.thaigov.go.th/main/contents

Some of the main points that have come out of the Prime Minister’s office recently have been:

  • The Government adheres to the “health comes before freedom” principle in its preventive and assisting measures with an aim to minimize commuting, people transportation, and mass gatherings
  • The Governor of Bangkok and all Provincial Governors shall consider and issue Orders by virtue of Section 35 (1) of the Communicable Diseases Act B.E. 2558 (2015) to temporarily close places with high numbers of people conducting activities together and at risk of spreading COVID-19, but at a minimum, shall order the closure of the following places:
    • Boxing stadiums, sport stadiums, sport arenas, playgrounds, horse racetracks in all provinces throughout the Kingdom until notified otherwise
    • Bubs, places of entertainment, theatres, public places for performances or recreation, massage and traditional massage parlours, spa, fitness centres, entertainment spots
    • Any other places such as natural tourist attractions, museums, public libraries, religious sites, terminals or stations, markets, and department stores
  • The Government has a policy to keep the following places in normal operation for the convenience and well-being of the people to prevent shortages or unnecessary distress:
    • hospitals, medical centres, medical clinics, pharmacies, restaurants which are not part of an entertainment spot or place of entertainment, take-away food stalls, residential and dining parts of hotels, small convenience stores, general stores, department stores only in the supermarkets, pharmacies, food sections and sections selling miscellaneous items essential for daily life, factories, securities businesses, financial institutions, banks, ATMs, markets and flea markets selling fresh food, dried food, cooked food, animal feed, medical supplies, and miscellaneous essential items, cooking gas and fuel shops, petrol stations, NGV/LPG gas stations, cargo and passenger terminals including goods and food online delivery service.
    • Government offices, state enterprises, and other government agencies shall remain open during usual operating hours unless a notification for temporary closure or suspension has previously been issued such as educational institutions
  • BMA Communicable disease committee issued an order on opening and closing hours of all convenience stores, supermarkets, local convenience stores, restaurants, shops, food stalls, and street vendors. According to the order, these places will be allowed to operate during 0501-0000hrs only
  • The Prime Minister has made an announcement for a nationwide “curfew” during 2200-0400hrs. Exceptions have been made for medical and banking personnel, as well as logistic workers handling consumer products, farm goods, pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and equipment, newspapers, petrol, postal parcels, or products to be imported or exported, as well as people working normal night shifts or those heading to or from airports with necessary documents stating the purposes

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