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Big Buddha

Big Buddha

Koh Samui’s beautiful coastline and renowned Big Buddha sculpture will be the first thing you will notice as you approach the island from the air. This majestic 12-metre tall golden statue sits on an elevated platform, adorned with dragons and traditional decor that visually dominates the landscape.

This beautiful structure was built in 1972 within the Phra Yai Temple complex, which is located on a small island located towards the northern border of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Big Buddha Koh Samui Opening Hours & Address, Thailand

Many Thai visitors come here to worship and pray at this historic and religious temple on Koh Samui. In recent times, the Big Buddha has also become a favourite attraction amongst foreign tourists.

Many travellers visit the Big Buddha as a part of a tour and join the locals in lighting incense to make offerings and pray in front of the sitting Buddha. And when the sun sets, the Buddha lights up and appears as a sparkling golden guardian.

At the base of the Buddha, there is a meditation centre and a small market place; featuring stalls selling religious souvenirs, hats, t-shirts and many other items. You can also dine here as the area is lined with traditional Thai restaurants, offering a variety of food to cater for every taste. Also, if you venture beyond the temple, you will see the Big Buddha Beach.

The beach boasts a quiet and laid back atmosphere and is close to the famous Chaweng beach. Visitors can easily access Chaweng beach’s nightlife and entertainment zones from the Big Buddha beach pier and you can visit Big Buddha at any day of the week. However, due to religious ceremonies, the area becomes very crowded on Sundays. This is because a number of Thai visitors come to enjoy the music sessions at the Secret Garden.


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