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Thailand Time

Thailand Time

When travelling it becomes important to factor in the time of the destination. This is why if visiting Thailand, it becomes key to consider Thailand time when scheduling flights, accommodation arrival/departure and tours.

Thailand is 7 hours ahead of the Greenwich Meridian Time, which is why it is indicated as GMT +07:00. This may not make much of a difference if you are travelling from countries in the same time zone. If for instance, you are travelling from Arizona whose time zone is GMT-07:00, then it is clear that there is a need to take into account different time zones.

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The importance of knowing time zones not only helps you plan your itinerary accordingly, but it also comes in handy because it means adjusting one’s watches and dealing with the accompanying disorientation. As a general guide, one should adjust their time for every time zone crossed.

Since Thailand is in the East, travellers from the West will be required to add their hours to get accurate Thailand time. The reverse is true when travelling from Eastern Australia whose time zone is denoted as GMT +11:00.

For travellers crossing multiple time zones to treat themselves to Thailand’s treasures, there are a few tips that one can use to make the trip more comfortable and remain aware of Thailand time (with respect to flight arrival and departure). As is expected, crossing different time zones causes a disruption in the body’s normal functioning. To keep this disruption at bay, travellers are advised to stay hydrated, avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

It is also imperative to carry a notification card with pertinent medical details, particularly for those with chronic conditions. If well managed, crossing time zones helps one to adjust quickly.

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