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Thailand Food

Thailand Food

Thailand food is one of the country’s most exquisite facets, with many traversing the globe just to have a taste of what Thai cuisine is all about.

It is interesting to note that as far as food from different countries is concerned, each country has a unique attribute of its cuisine.

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The detail is in the texture of the food, the myriad of colours as well as the use of ingredients with medicinal traits. Above all, Thai cuisine is very delectable, making it clear that Thailand food is not just about the taste, it is also about how the food is presented.

Travellers heading to Thailand will be awed by the detail paid to food presentation. Food connoisseurs will immediately appreciate the flavourful interplay of distinct tastes in many Thai dishes, namely: sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter.

Just like Thai’s culture, Thai food can be categorised into four main groups: food from central Thailand, North-eastern regions of the country, Southern Thailand and Northern Thailand.

Traditionally, Thai food was eaten using the right hand while seated on mats. Today, forks and spoons are common cutlery during Thai meals.

Eating like Thai locals means mixing the flavours and textures of the foods onto a plate of rice, Thailand’s staple food. Occasionally, locals will make small mounds or rice which are then dipped in soups and consumed.

Overall, the use of fish sauce and aromatic herbs makes for an exciting gastronomical journey when it comes to Thailand Food.

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