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Thailand Weather

Thailand Weather

The weather in Thailand is governed by three distinct seasons: cool, hot and rainy. The cool season begins in November and ends in February before giving way to the hot season that lasts between March and May. The rainy season stretches from June to October.

Each of these seasons offers a unique experience, but many visitors opt to visit Thailand when it is cool, for good reason. During this season, Thailand weather is cool and less humid, offering a pleasant period altogether, although it is not uncommon to have temperatures hit 30 degrees Celsius.

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During the hot season, temperatures can get as high as 35 degrees Celsius. For travellers, what better thing to do than to head to the clean sandy beaches and enjoy the cool of the sea breeze? The hot season is also ideal for water activities, so grab your swimming trunks and sailing gear to make the most of the season.


The wet season starts in earnest in the month of August when storms become a common occurrence. Anyone planning to travel to Thailand during this time must carry appropriate waterproof luggage. There are however many days of sunshine during the rainy season, so if an occasional downpour of heavy rain doesn’t bother you, then accommodation will be slightly cheaper and certainly more available during this time. In far-flung areas of Thailand, muddy roads are a common entity, so travellers taking the road less travelled must factor in the effects of Thailand weather in their chosen destinations.

Make sure to pack a waterproof jacket that you can roll up and put in a bag wherever you go. Thailand is known for having quick, heavy downpours that roll in but last only an hour or two. During these times, duck into a restaurant or mall and watch the rain pour down whilst you enjoy shopping or a cool beverage.

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