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Jungle Experience Koh Phangan

Jungle Experience Koh Phangan

Jungle Experience Koh Phangan (also known as the Koh Phangan Jungle Party) is a unique nightlife experience that involves a lot of dancing, art, and incredible performances. This is the perfect opportunity to get as creative as you can with your character; come in costume or even have your entire body decked out in paint if you’d like!

No judgment here; the party accepts you for who you are. The more outrageous your costume, the better! Go crazy with feathers, sparkles, lights, and balloons.

Jungle Experience Koh Phangan 2023 Party Dates, Ticket Price & Location

While the island is known for its unforgettable parties, this one is unique because of its special carnival atmosphere. There are live art installations, fire shows, and crazy acts that will blow your mind.

Thousands of people from all parts of the globe come and gather in this underground jungle experience, where talented DJ’s play house and EDM music until sunrise.

Come alone, with friends, or make friends at the party; the lively atmosphere is contagious and will have you coming back for more. In the morning, the magical colours of the sky serve as a backdrop to the mountain silhouette, illuminating the gorgeous location and adding to its unforgettable beauty.

It’s set in the lush jungles of Baan Tai, flanked by scenic streams that make up part of the dance floor. A designated Chill-out Zone is available for partygoers who need to rest their tired dancing feet, as well as a sleeping area if you feel a disco nap is needed!

Indulge in delicious food at the jungle restaurant, because you’ll need energy for a full night of dancing. Should you need help getting back to your hotel, registered taxis will be happy to help.

Jungle Experience Koh Phangan is held every month – one night before the full moon party from 10pm to 6am.

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