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Samui Zoo

Apart from the beaches and waterfalls in Koh Samui, visitors should also explore some other attractions, such as the local zoo and aquarium. If you are travelling with your family or with young children, then visiting the Samui Aquarium and Zoo is a great option for a fun day out.

The Samui Zoo and Aquarium hosts many popular shows, exhibits and tiger shows and both venues are have exciting exhibitions for kids and adults alike.

Samui Zoo & Aquarium Admission Price, Koh Samui Thailand

The aquarium is a perfect setting to see a wonderful array of marine creatures in a simulated habitat. You will come across a wide variety of fish species and some exhibits also feature unique and rare fish and aquatic animals. Bring your kids here as they will enjoy watching these multi-coloured creatures, corals and deep sea aquatic animals.

Some of the popular marine species include varieties of sharks, stingrays and several other colourful marine fish. The sharks also form part of the Samui Aquarium’s renowned live entertainment. All in all, you will certainly have a great time at the Samui Aquarium, as you discover a marvellous collection of both marine and tropical marine life.

Some of the popular shows hosted at the aquarium and zoo include a bird show, a sea lion show and the popular tiger show.

Whilst visiting Koh Samui, you should plan a full day at the Samui Zoo and Aquarium, as it will take a number of hours to explore both venues. If you intend to catch the live shows, then you should plan to arrive early and check out the show schedules, as the show times vary each day.

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Dependent on package chosen:
Adult: Between 750-3000 baht
Child: 450-2000baht

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