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H M The Queens Birthday Celebrations

Her Majesty the Queens Birthday

Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday is a Thai national holiday celebrated on 12th August yearly and is sometimes referred to as National Mother’s Day.

Just as the name suggests, the holiday is celebrated to mark the birth of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit who is regarded as the Mother of Thai People.

Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday 2020 Date – Public Holiday

While the celebrations are marked for a day, the month of August brings with it colourful decorations and portraits of Queen Sirikit in anticipation for the big day. The Queen’s birthday is celebrated in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, with the event, transmitted live across the whole country.

Visitors touring Thailand in the month of August will notice an aura of appreciation for mothers all over the country. The most common expression for this appreciation is buying flowers for mothers.

Consequently, the market places are abuzz with activity on the morning of Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday. Locals will often search for merits for their dear matriarchs with the help of feeding monks.

Thais honour this holiday, so much so that in a number of locations alcohol will not be on sale as a way to honour mothers, both living and those departed. It is fairly common for locals to travel over the weekend in order to be with their families.

For visitors, this can get a little hectic, making it imperative to make prior travel arrangements. Taking part in the celebrations is an insightful way to experience the warmth of the Thai people.

Event Dates

12 August 2020

Event Times

All day


All Over Thailand


Celebrations at various locations in Koh Samui
Koh Samui, Surat Thani



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