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Secret Buddha Garden

Tucked away in the hills of Koh Samui’s island is the Secret Buddha Garden, a lush location with lovely views of the undulating hills.

The idea of this unique garden can be credited to Nim Thongsuk, a local fruit farmer who started off by putting up statues and temples of worship across his farm.

Secret Buddha Garden Address Location, Koh Samui

The work, which began in earnest in 1976, has borne fruits seen today as the garden continues to attract visitors both locally and internationally. Nim tended to the garden until his death, at which point the family continued with the work of maintaining the garden in its current state.
One of the most obvious attractions at the Secret Buddha Garden is the presence of many different statues in strikingly different poses. A number of animal statues have been erected at the garden, perhaps to depict Nim’s attachment to the natural environment. One of the most elaborate statues is one that depicts Nim, seated on a rock, presumably enjoying his verdant gardens.

More importantly, Nim constructed statues of different gods in his religion. All of these statues make for an exciting tour of the garden.

The water features present add much-needed tranquillity to the garden. The soothing sounds of the flowing stream, coupled with the rustling of the leaves make for a peaceful setting. Here, visitors can get some peace and quiet, away from the cacophony of noises that typify life in cities such as Bangkok.

The thick foliage at the garden is also a paradise for nature lovers who will certainly appreciate the time and effort put in the garden.

To access this piece of heaven in the island, visitors need to travel North West of Lamai Beach. The roads to the Secret Buddha Garden are quite rugged, so 4WD cars are recommended for easy access.

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What is the Secret Buddha Garden address?
Secret Buddha Garden is found on a hilltop
Off the 4169 Highway Ring Road at Baan Saket
Thanon Dhupatemiya, Na Muang, Koh Samui

Please visit our website for more information on the Secret Buddha Garden.
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