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The Songkran Festival heralds the Thai New Year with a mass of religious ceremonies over three days to mark the beginning of the solar year.

For foreigners, Songkran is best known for being the biggest water fight in the world, when locals and foreigners alike splash water at each other all over the city.

Songkran Festival, 2024 Water Festival Dates, Koh Samui Thailand

The splashing of water is supposed to signify a cleansing but has become a super fun celebration with water pistols and buckets of water being dumped on everybody in Koh Samui; no one is safe!

The festival generally starts with locals cleaning up around the island, and on the morning of the first day of the festival, locals will gather to offer food to the monks at the temples. Many locals also travel to the temples for blessing and cleansing ceremonies by pouring water on the Buddha statues. The locals believe that by splashing water, they are washing away sins and cleansing themselves of bad luck.

However, these water cleansing ceremonies have transformed over time to become the huge water fight that takes place today. Only monks, babies and the elderly are spared, so visitors coming to Koh Samui during this time should invest in a waterproof bag and get out amongst it.

If you do not wish to be splashed during this time, your only option is to remain indoors. You WILL be a target. It is best to leave the scooter at home during Songkran, as the roads are wet and slippery, and it is common for a local to run up to you and dump a bucket of water over you while riding. Even if you take a Songthaew or tuk-tuk, you WILL get wet.

Dress appropriately in comfortable clothing you can walk around in all day whilst wet. Men should ensure they wear a t-shirt or singlet, as walking around shirtless is not appropriate on this religious holiday.

Most stores and services will be closed during this festival, with only 7/11 and some restaurants and bars remaining open.

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What date is the Songkran?
What time is the Songkran?
Where is the Songkran located?
What is the Songkran address?
Many locations in cities all over Thailand, with local celebrations primarily in: - Chaweng - Choeng Mon - Maenam - Bophut - Fisherman’s Village , Koh Samui, Surat Thani

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