Koh Wua Chiu

Ko Wua Chiu is a tiny island in the region of Surat Thani; sparsely populated and underdeveloped, with minimal tourist facilities. Just like other islands in Thailand, Koh Wua Chiu also features some excellent beaches.

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February is the best month to visit this island as it is more sunny than the other months. Also, there is a large body of water on this island, so you’ll find patches of dense subtropical forest around the island.

Koh Wua Chiu’s natural setting is perfect for nature photographers. Imagine taking some great photographs of unspoilt lush jungle and pristine beaches.

To access this island, you’ll need to take a private boat ride, with most tour operators do not offer tours to the island.

However, if you are taking a cruise to Ang Thong, you may stop here to explore this island for a few hours. Although the choices of tourist activities are little, you’ll love to see and explore the island’s pristine beaches.

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