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All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) riding is a popular family-friendly activity, yet many visitors often miss taking a quad ATV biking tour in Koh Samui because this is not an activity that immediately comes to mind when holidaying on an island. ATV riding is one of the best ways to ride through the verdant jungle, with tours lasting from one to two hours.

Koh Samui ATV & 4 Wheel Motorbike Tours, Thailand

Imagine riding an ATV through the beautiful coconut groves, featuring dirt tracks and rubber plantations. Stop by the waterfalls and spend some time admiring the scenic views.

You may also come across herds of buffalo grazing throughout the island. Undoubtedly, visitors of all age groups will enjoy ATV riding.

With your package, most tour operators offer protective gear including gloves, helmet and raincoats if required. However, the rider has to bear the full expense if any damages are caused to the ATV, so make sure you have travel insurance for this type of activity.

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