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Buffalo Fighting

Koh Samui Buffalo Fighting

When it comes to experiencing the culture and traditions of Thailand, you will find plenty of unique cultural attractions on Koh Samui. One such example is buffalo fighting, which is a century-old tradition to the people of Koh Samui.

Natives of the Island love to enjoy buffalo fighting shows. In fact, it’s one of the most popular pastimes of the Koh Samui residents.

Koh Samui Buffalo Fighting Stadium, Thailand

Buffalo fighting is a tradition of Southeast Asia. Apart from Koh Samui, this tradition has also been adopted in many other countries in the region.

Although popular among residents, many visitors are not aware of the famous buffalo fighting on the island. Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint the date and time of the event; however, these fights usually take place at designated stadiums around Koh Samui.

This show is considered laid-back and relaxed. Many natives place bets on the buffalos during each fight. Believe it or not, the winners can earn up to millions of Baht during such fights.

You will certainly enjoy the atmosphere during this traditional cultural event as you can witness a snapshot of the traditional Thai life.

Compared to other animal sports, the animals here don’t actually injure themselves as the activity itself is just a natural behaviour that a buffalo exhibit in the wild. However, sometimes the fight may turn more aggressive as the buffalo’s push each other within the arena.

It is rumoured that prices to enter are around 100 baht for men and women enter free. However, prices do change and prime seats may be more expensive.


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    • Hi Rica, thanks for contacting us.

      There are no scheduled times or dates published online. As stated in the post, sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint the date and time of the event; however, these fights usually take place at the many stadiums around Koh Samui in the evenings.

      Typical of the small island culture, emails and phone numbers to find out this sort of information are not readily available. You are best to ask at your place of accommodation, as locals tend to have up to date information on where and when the fights will be scheduled.

      As for price, this is variable depending on the stadium. Plan for between 100-200 Baht – however this is not set in stone.

      You may find regular fights occurring along the North Coast (Bang Po Beach, Ban Tai) at Bang Makham. In previous trips, they have had fights daily, though this was in February, so I am not sure if this is still a daily event.

      Enjoy your trip to Koh Samui!


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