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Koh Samui Diving

Koh Samui’s natural splendour and traditional charm attract all kinds of visitors from all across the world. A large number of people come to its sandy shores to enjoy the island’s vibrant nightlife, beach fun and a range of fun-filled activities within its tranquil setting.

Enjoy some water activities whilst in Koh Samui as there is plenty to do along many of the white sandy beaches.

Koh Samui Scuba Diving Packages & Courses

Go diving at any of Koh Samui’s clear balmy beaches. This is a destination where you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to scuba dive. The crystal-clear water is perfect for diving and snorkelling.

Imagine diving in the warm water that features a wide array of colourful corals, fascinating marine life and amazing sea creatures. There are plenty of diving spots around Koh Samui; so you can either go on a private diving expedition or take a group diving tour.

Diving at the Ang Thong Marine Park is very popular amongst the many divers who come to Koh Samui. This marine park has some of the best diving spots in this entire region. Also, the marine park’s unspoilt beaches and pristine water makes it a perfect setting.

You will see a variety of marine life including colourful fish, corals, turtles, sponges and oysters. You will also come across some captivating underwater caves.

Although diving in Koh Samui is possible at any time of the year, the best time is during the driest months. It is not advisable to dive here from October through November as the climatic conditions worsen due to heavy rain and strong winds. The ocean water also doesn’t stay calm and clear during the rainy months.

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