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Koh Samui Fishing

Fishing is a great activity which can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whilst staying on Koh Samui, why not try your hand at this fun-filled activity, whether on land or at sea. No matter whether you are an absolute beginner or a skilled angler, you will definitely enjoy a fishing tour.

Koh Samui is home to a wide variety of fish and visitors can join other groups of visitors and go on a fishing tour for a full day of fishing fun.

Koh Samui Deep Sea Fishing & Big Game Tours, Thailand

Due to the availability of other water sports and activities, many visitors often miss out on fishing. Surprisingly, Koh Samui has some of the best fishing tours available for visitors, from full-day big game to half-day deep sea fishing tours. If you love fishing, then book a fishing tour today!

Choices of tours and boats are plentiful; so you will have several tour operators to choose from. Therefore, you will easily find a suitable fishing tour in Koh Samui which will cater to your specific needs.

Your tour operator will offer you a brief narration about the fish varieties and tips on fishing. Many tour operators include all fishing equipment in the price of the tour including rods, bait and tackle. But for the avid fisherman, most tours allow participants to bring their own equipment. Check with your preferred tour operator to find out more.

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    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for contacting us.

      You can rent a private charter to accommodate 15ppl and then you can designate the activities you want to do. These private charters can be expensive, so it just depends on your budget as to whether this suits you.
      1. Koh Samui Luxury Boat Rental

      For something a little less expensive, you can check out these tours. Angthong Marine Park is my best recommendation as it is absolutely stunning and you will have a great day out on the water snorkelling, swimming and some tours offer fishing.
      1. Angthong by Big Boat
      2. Fishing Tour
      3. Discovery Tour

      I would recommend contacting the company through the link to ask whether they can accommodate all 15 of you on one boat, or whether you would be split over two boats. Option number 3 carries up to 25 people, so this one can certainly accommodate your entire party.

      Enjoy tour trip to Koh Samui and have a great day out on the water!


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