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Koh Samui Muay Thai

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In addition to the gorgeous coastline and numerous activities, Koh Samui offers a rich heritage and fascinating culture. Koh Samui’s century-old boxing, Muay Thai, forms part of this culture.

Many Muay Thai trainers offer special coaching classes and training programs for children and adults alike. Even if you are here for a short vacation, you can join a Muay Thai session to learn some traditional martial art skills.

Koh Samui Muay Thai Training Gym, Camp & Fights, Thailand

To cater to all visitors, the Muay Thai camps in Koh Samui offer a combination of accommodation and training packages. You can choose to just take a class or you can purchase a package which includes accommodation, access to the gym, personal training with Muay Thai experts and health programs. You can participate in a morning, afternoon or evening training session, or schedule a time that is convenient for you.
On-site accommodation choices consist of three main levels. You can stay in a basic room, air-conditioned room, or luxury room. Your package price will depend on the type of room you choose as well as the length of the training. Visitors can choose an all-inclusive package or a training only package.
The Muay Thai training consists of tough strength training and trainers usually advise participants to join a morning strength session in order to develop some basic skills in Muay Thai. In the past few years, these training programs have become increasingly popular, especially amongst tourists.

Many visitors join a short-term Muay Thai camp to learn the basics of this martial art. Others who are more advanced, attend sessions to learn the masterful techniques of Thai boxing. These days, some of the newer Muay Thai camps are recruiting English speaking trainers, specifically to cater to English speaking tourists.

Learn this traditional martial art at one of the beautiful Koh Samui beaches.

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