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Art Samui

Art Samui gives visitors an experience that offers the best of arts as well as a glimpse into art pieces that have redefined the art scene in Thailand.

The art museum thrives on a type of art called Trick Art. Just as the name suggests, this form of art tricks the human brain into believing that the picture presented is in 3D.

Art Samui 3D Art Gallery, Koh Samui Thailand

This art incorporates the use of special painting skills that create an optical illusion. The intricate nature of these art pieces always leaves visitors marvelling at the unique skill that goes into making these pieces of art.

For this reason, it is not uncommon to see visitors taking photographs with art pieces that have amazed them. The numerous opportunities to take creative photographs make for an interesting tour at Art Samui Museum. Kids can also have fun at the museum by posing with their favourite pieces of art.

The art museum in Koh Samui is a delightful place to visit for an easy weekend. There are as many as 65 points of optical illusion, coupled with half a dozen object art points.

This excellent work is credited to eclectic professional artists who worked tirelessly for 8 months to bring to fruition the amazing masterpieces on display at the art museum.

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What is the Art Samui address?
37/45 Moo 5
Near the north-east tip of Route 4171 and 750m south of Choeng Mon Beach, Bophut, Koh Samui

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