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Chaweng Lake

Chaweng Lake

Koh Samui also has a diverse array of unique things to see do, including restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs. Koh Samui’s Chaweng Lake is a perfect location for those visitors who enjoy a bustling nightlife.

Chaweng Lake hosts at least three parties per month, which include the Black Moon Party and Escape or Half Moon party. These parties are nearly as popular as the Full Moon Parties held in Koh Phangan.

Chaweng Lake Side View & Fishing

While Escape Parties are held a week before and after the popular Full Moon Party, the Black Moon Party is celebrated exactly two weeks after the Full Moon. Many visitors and locals join these parties and enjoy the scene until the early hours of the morning. Chaweng Lake is lined with an array of pubs and clubs and the famous Reggae Pub is also alongside this beautiful lake, with the capacity to accommodate over 4,000 patrons.

Those looking for an exciting activity whilst on Koh Samui can visit the bungee jump at Chaweng Lake. Visitors can also enjoy horseback riding, with several riding centres found around this area. Visitors will be happy to know that the Chaweng Lake area also boasts a number of star resorts and luxury properties.

During the monsoon season, the lake has a tendency to overflow. Recently, the local government commenced a rebuilding project in order to improve the drainage system. Therefore there has been hardly any flooding in the area in the last couple of years.

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