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Guan-yu Koh Samui Shrine

Guan-Yu Koh Samui Shrine

The Guan-Yu Koh Samui Shrine is a notable historical attraction in Koh Samui. It is a symbol of China’s influence on Thailand’s rich and colourful history.

The shrine was built to honour Guan Yu, also known as Yu Chang, who was a well-loved general during the Tree Kingdom in China.

Guan-Yu Koh Samui Shrine, Chinese Temple History & Hours, Hua Thanon

Guan Yu was a famed military general, a warlord, and founder of the Shu Han Kingdom. Very little is known about him and his family, but according to records, he was born to a family of scholars in present-day Shanxi province.

His image can be seen in many Taoist, Confucian, and Buddhist temples around the world, especially in places where there is a large Chinese population.

The majestic shrine is 16 meters in height, and you can’t miss it since it can be seen from afar. It is a significant shrine for the Chinese community of Koh Samui, but it’s also a popular tourist attraction. The shrine is used as a venue for wedding ceremonies, which gives the couple as well as their guests the opportunity to pay respects to Guan Yu, who also symbolises honesty and loyalty in a marriage.

As you enter the shrine, one can’t help but notice the bright, glowing red face of Guan Yu. The sheer size of the statue exudes an air of power and might. Walk inside, and the intricately designed interiors and golden murals featuring impressive dragon paintings and Chinese calligraphy will take your breath away. The shrine’s interiors also feature ornamental prayer drums as well as banners that are hung in the ceiling. The entire shrine is ornate and elegant, a true testament to Chinese culture and heritage.

There is also an area within the Guan-Yu Koh Samui Shrine that has been dedicated to displaying portraits and photographs of Chinese settlers who lived in Koh Samui.

The shrine is found in Hua Thanon, south of Lamai, right on the famous Ring Road of Samui.

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What is the Guan-Yu Koh Samui Shrine address?
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Route 4169 (Approx 250m north of the Hua Thanon Wet Market), Hua Thanon, Koh Samui

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