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Haad Yuan Beach
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Haad Yuan Beach

Haad Yuan Beach is a small, golden beach known for its laid-back atmosphere.

Travellers flock to this beach because it reminds them of Koh Phangan back in the day, thanks to its rustic, bohemian vibes. But what makes this area stand out is its postcard-perfect beauty; it has all the trimmings of a tropical island paradise.

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Located on the south-eastern coast of Koh Phangan, the beach is just 150 meters long. It’s a short walking distance to the Full Moon Party area, and it’s also close to Haad Yao East’s southern end. That’s what makes this beach so unique; it’s a lush tropical hideaway where dense jungles cover both ends of the island. So whether you are looking for sea or jungle adventures, you can find it here.

Visitors looking for blissful tranquillity will be pleased with Haad Yuan Beach. Despite being close to the parties; it has been successful in retaining its sense of privacy. The best time to visit is from February to May, which is the summertime; you’ll be assured of warm, sparkling cobalt blue seas and gentle tropical breeze. But during the monsoon season of June to October, there are strong winds and heavy swells; although the beach won’t be ideal for swimming, those who are fond of water sports find it the ideal time to go.

The cove is small, and there are only a handful of accommodation options on the beach; including resorts and private bungalows. It fills up quickly during the summer months, so make sure that you book ahead of time. There are also a few eating and drinking spots here, but they also tend to fill up rather fast.

There are many ways you can get here via boat or road. The most convenient way is to take a speed boat from Haad Rin, but there is also an alternative which is taking a car on a bumpy road here, from Thong Sala.

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