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Hua Thanon Wet Market

Hua Thanon Wet Market

For the curious traveller, traversing Koh Samui’s streets will lead to one of the island’s most popular attractions, the Hua Thanon Wet Market.

To the average onlooker, the market may look like a rundown structure but actually plays a critical role in the supply chain of seafood on the island.

Hua Thanon Wet Market, Koh Samui

The market houses quite a number of food stalls and shops, offering travellers a glimpse into Thai lifestyle. A trip to the market is also an excellent way to live like a local, so you may want to carry your camera with you to take a picture of some of the unique sights.

As expected, you can get aromatic spices from the market as spices are an integral part of Thai cuisine. For backpackers staying in hostels and who need to prepare their own meals, the market sure is a great option to get some cheap and healthy ingredients.

One of the most notable things about the wet market is that it caters for a predominantly Muslim community, a fact that is evident from the wide selection of foods and spices.

The proximity of the wet market to the beach means that fresh seafood is readily available. Seafood is a delightful meal when prepared the Thai way, alongside the herbs and spices to make a scrumptious meal. Visitors can also get ready-made meals at the market, or opt to get food to take away. Whichever the case, nothing beats the tasty blend of flavours unique to Thai cuisine.

To get a feel for Thailand’s cuisine, a visit to the Hua Thanon Wet Market is a must. From the market, the quaint village of Hua Thanon is easily accessible. With its rustic teakwood houses, the village is the perfect way to end the day.

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