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Koh Phangan Park

Koh Phangan Park

A visit to Koh Phangan park is a great way to relax or even get fit during your travels.

It is located next to the Thong Sala Pier in Koh Phangan, which allows visitors to use its outdoor gym equipment at no charge at all.

Koh Phangan Park, Exercise & Gym Equipment, Playground & Temple

Thai people love to stay healthy, and this is evident in the many nutritious dishes and fitness activities found all over the country. The park at Thong Sala pier is no different, except that you get to use outdoor gym equipment without having to pay anything. Aside from these, there are occasional free fitness classes at the Koh Phangan park too.

Though it doesn’t have world-class modern equipment, the steel structures are good enough for getting in a sweat before you hop onto a boat at the Thong Sala pier. These include bikes, bars, benches, swings, and cross-trainers. Weights are not included so you will have to bring your own. A free court can also be used for playing badminton, tennis, or volleyball.

Save the rest of your money for leisure while you get to work out here. The best time to visit this Koh Phangan park is in the early morning, as in the afternoons it tends to get very busy with the locals working out.

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What is the Koh Phangan Park address?
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Just beside the Thongsala Pier, Thong Sala, Koh Phangan

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