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Koh Samui Central Mosque

Koh Samui Central Mosque

The Koh Samui central mosque is the main place of worship for the large Muslim community on the island.

Located on Ban Hua Thanon, the mosque is distinct for its vibrant gold, green, and white colours; easily seen from afar as you walk to the main beach.

Koh Samui Central Mosque, Nuruliahsan, History & Hours, Hua Thanon

Also known as Masjid Nuruliahsan, this mosque is the closest to the popular Chaweng Beach. The mosque is worth visiting whether you are Muslim or not, because of its pretty facade – especially during sunset then the golden light shines on its golden dome. There are also several stalls around it selling halal food throughout the day.

After visiting the mosque, there are many other activities to enjoy near the beach, which include swimming, surfing, water sports, kayaking, bungee jumping, horse riding, and crazy golf. Of course, you can also choose to relax on the beach and do nothing else.

Although Buddhism is the primary religion in Koh Phangan, Muslims make up the largest minority on the island. This is why it comes as no surprise that Thailand has been ranked as the second most Muslim-friendly tourist destination, which is helped by the fact that tourism stakeholders continue to work together to increase the availability of restaurants serving halal food – the number one service that Muslim travellers look out for when travelling.

The biggest concentration of Muslims is found in Hua Thanon, but the presence of veiled women is evident throughout Koh Phangan. Other religious minorities here include Christianity, Taoism, and Hinduism.

Muslim visitors who come to the Koh Samui central mosque will easily feel at home, as locals will welcome you with open arms and warm hospitality.

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What is the Koh Samui Central Mosque address?
Moo 1
350m south of the Hua Thanon Wet Market and the Route 4169 intersection, Hua Thanon, Koh Samui

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