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Laem Nan Beach

Laem Nan Beach

Laem Nan Beach is recommended for travellers who are looking for a pristine and quiet beach area to unwind.

Located on the eastern cape of Koh Samui, this beach is endowed with spectacular views of Lamai beach, green mountain tops, and the nearby islands of Koh Matsum and Koh Taen.

Laem Nan Beach, Resorts, Villas, Hotels & Restaurant Map, Koh Samui

This beach has soft, beige sand; boulder clusters punctuate the area and many sea shells are scattered throughout. The coastline is fringed with beautiful plumeria and palm trees, which provide you with shade from the hot sun.

What makes this area so special is that it never gets crowded, which makes it one of the preferred beaches for travellers in Koh Samui. There are many affordable hotels built on the nearby hills, as well as restaurants with sea views and bars. You can stay here and not have to pay a fortune just to enjoy a cosy room with stunning ocean views.

Hammocks can also be found on the beach, which adds to the authentic tropical holiday feel of this area. Conveniently located between the busier areas of Chaweng and Lamai, if you decide to stay in this quiet, secluded area, it’s also easy to cross over to other beaches for when you’re ready for some action. These two other beaches have more suitable beach environments for those who want to do some water sports, swimming, diving, and snorkelling.

This beach is also popular for jogging in the morning or the evenings. Although the water on the beach is too shallow for swimming and there are many rocks, which makes it difficult to walk on barefoot, perfect swimming conditions can be found within an easy distance from the shore. If you intend to explore the shallow beach area, you should wear aqua socks along to protect your feet.

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What is the Laem Nan Beach address?
Moo 4
Approx 700m south-west off Route 4169, Laem Nan, Koh Samui

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