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Na Mueang Waterfall 1

Na Mueang Waterfall 1

Na Mueang Waterfall 1 is the first of two spectacular falls in Koh Samui. Located near Nathon Bay, these falls are easily accessible on foot.

These falls flow down into a cool, natural pool which offers a refreshing break from the heat.

Na Mueang Waterfall 1, Address, Hours, Directions & Map, Koh Samui

The cascades are also known as ‘purple waterfalls’ because of the beautiful colour of the rocks they flow on.

While Koh Samui has a handful of other waterfalls, these are among the most beautiful and popular among tourists, especially for travelling families with children because the path and pool are safe enough for kids. Several packaged tours on the island also include a stop to these falls, so you can consider this option when visiting.

The falls are set in a lush tropical jungle, although it’s easy to reach just off ring road on Route 4169. However, it’s advisable to come wearing the proper footwear because, at certain times, the path may be slippery and steep. Additionally, pack some swimwear and a change of clothes so that you can enjoy the surrounds, natural pool and all. Along the short trek to the falls are several stalls that sell refreshments, snacks, and souvenirs.

Visiting Na Mueang Waterfall 1 is a terrific way to spend an entire day in Koh Samui, and it’s proof that the beauty of the island isn’t limited to stunning beaches. This is a great place to go for mild hiking, swimming, and picnicking in a tranquil environment with family and friends.

There is no entrance fee needed for the falls (except for parking fees), but along the way, some tour guides may ask for a payment. Just be sure not to pay them if you are doing the visit on your own. Once you’re done exploring these falls, you can take a 30-minute walk to see the second falls which isn’t too far away.

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What is the Na Mueang Waterfall 1 address?
37/1 Thawi Rat Phakdi Road
1km north off Route 4169, Na Muang, Koh Samui

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