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Phangan Royal Navy Ship

Phangan Royal Navy Ship

The Phangan Royal Navy Ship is one of the island’s most prominent landmarks.

Located at the Thong Sala Pier, the ship, HTMS Phangan, was donated to the Thai government by the United States back in 1957 as a symbol of good relations. Today, the ship has become a popular attraction.

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The HTMS Phangan was significant to the Thai Royal Navy, as she served during the Vietnam war. She was officially retired from service on June 5, 2008, and has been on the island since 2011. The ship’s interiors are now used as a Rama IX Memorial Museum, which has been around since 2014. Browse the museum, which is chock-full of memoirs, images, and documents depicting the life of one of Thailand’s most well-loved kings.

Just across the ship is a statue of King Rama IX, where you can sometimes see locals praying and paying homage. Offerings of various kinds are also given by locals, which you can see around the statue. During festivals, the ship and the area surrounding the statue of King Rama IX lights up in vibrant colours, which is truly a sight to behold! At night, young locals love to hang out by the ship. They gather here to eat, drink and talk while sitting near the boat.

While you’re in Thong Sala, there are many other exciting attractions nearby that you can enjoy after you visit the ship. Although it isn’t the busiest place to go for a night out on the town, there is a fair share of bars and pubs that will keep you entertained. You won’t go hungry with the numerous Thai restaurants also within the area.

The Phangan Royal Navy Ship is hard to miss; just head over to the Thong Sala Pier, go to the roundabout, and you’ll see it.

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