Samui Cultural Center and Fine Art of South East Asia

Samui Cultural Center and Fine Art of South East Asia

The rich history and heritage of Thailand comes alive through the display of art at the Samui Cultural Centre and Fine Art of South East Asia in Koh Samui.

Thailand is home to many different attractions and its rich cultural heritage is one of the major reasons the country is a popular tourist destination.

Samui Cultural Center & Fine Art of South East Asia

In previous years, travellers had to visit temples and shrines to get a glimpse into Thai’s culture, but this has changed with the creation of the cultural and art centre, thanks to Khun Chart. Khun is the brains behind the modern Samui Cultural Centre and Fine Art of South East Asia.

Khun admits that while growing up, he realized the gap in the arts scene, and made up his mind to develop a modern centre in Koh Samui, one that would provide a one-stop centre for visitors interested in Thai’s arts and culture scene. The result is a place where both locals and foreigners can learn a thing or two about the history of this beautiful country.

The centre also offers insightful knowledge on the designs used in the temples as well as their meanings.

At the centre, visitors will be enthralled by the numerous statues, all of which Khun has taken time and effort to design and erect. The statues are a depiction of deities from different cultural regions in Thailand.

One of the captivating things at the cultural centre is that Khun himself takes visitors on a tour of the museum, offering a personalized experience that adds to the thrill of visiting the centre.

Moo 3, Off Route 4174
Turn off the 4169 Highway Ring Road, and then turn right after 1.1km
There is ample signage along the way
Lipa Noi, Koh Samui

Operating Hours

+66 02 250 5500

Ticket Prices / Admission
120 baht

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