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Samui Sheep Farm & Salad Bar

Samui Sheep Farm & Salad Bar

The Samui Sheep Farm & Salad bar is a wholesome attraction for visitors of all ages. They also have an in-house restaurant serving farm-fresh salads as well as a wide range of other delicious, healthy treats.

If you’re travelling to Samui with kids, this place is highly recommended.

Samui Sheep Farm & Salad Bar, Animal Feeding, Entry Prices & Hours

Once you enter the sprawling farm, the staff will provide you with treats and milk which you can feed the cute animals yourself. Aside from sheep, they also have adorable bunnies that your kids will love to hold. They also have some friendly goats here!

Parents can enjoy the rest area while the kids play with the animals safely. Better yet, indulge in the most delicious fresh salads available here. You can also purchase your very own salad greens from the farm to take home. The restaurant is known for its amazing milkshakes and coffee.

If you or your kid has a birthday coming up, the good news is that farm is open to hosting parties. Get in touch with them to help you organise an unforgettable birthday in a one-of-a-kind environment; in verdant greens and alongside the most adorable sheep.

If you’d like to stay near the Samui Sheep Farm & Salad Bar, you can choose from a variety of accommodation options nearby. Since you’ll only need around an hour or two here, why not explore what the rest of the area has to offer after a visit to the farm? The beach is only a stone’s throw away, and there are a handful of temples to check out.

In this area, you’ll never run out of fun things to do. The nearby restaurants serve local and international fare too, at affordable prices.

The farm is open daily from 10am to 6:30pm.

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What is the Samui Sheep Farm & Salad Bar address?
What are the Samui Sheep Farm & Salad Bar opening hours?
What are the Samui Sheep Farm & Salad Bar entry prices?
Adult: 80 baht
Child: 40 baht

Grass: 20 baht
Milk: 40 baht
Food: 60 baht
Rabbit Food: 60 baht

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What is the Samui Sheep Farm & Salad Bar phone number?

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