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Samui Snake Farm

Samui Snake Farm

Whilst vacationing on Koh Samui, try exploring its other tourist attractions away from the beaches and coast. Koh Samui’s list of family-friendly attractions includes the zoo, aquarium and the very popular Samui Snake Farm; located in Taling Ngam, on the south-west of the island.

This unique reptile park is both an impressive and educational attraction and offers something different for visitors to the island.

Samui Snake Farm Admission Price, Koh Samui Thailand

Come here to see a wide variety of snakes, including many highly venomous species. You will see Asian cobras and pythons at the Samui Snake Farm and the venue hosts live performances with many of the snakes at the farm. During the shows, you will see a trained snake fighter entering a small arena to perform with a snake in a duel.

Exhibits at this farm include a number of snakes, centipedes, scorpions and other venomous invertebrates. Visitors can also enjoy the farm’s special presentation that features a cobra fight, cock fight and other popular animal shows.

The Snake Farm’s beautiful setting has numerous things for you to enjoy. So whether you are here to watch a show or to explore the exhibits, you will love the Samui Snake Farm on Koh Samui.

Check out the show schedule before planning your visit to this exciting venue.


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    • Hi Taslima,

      Your hotel is on the north of the island, the snake farm is on the south of the island. The drive is 30kms.

      I would recommend a taxi as it will be the fastest way to get there (around 30 minutes). You could also take a red taxi (Songthew) which will be cheaper, but as it acts like a bus, it will make numerous stops along the way which will stretch your trip out to over an hour.


What is the Samui Snake Farm address?
What are the Samui Snake Farm opening hours?
What are the Samui Snake Farm entry prices?
Price for foreigners, adults = 500 baht
children = 300 baht.
For Thai people, the price is half price.

Please visit our website for more information on the Samui Snake Farm.
What is the Samui Snake Farm phone number?

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