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Thian Og Bay
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Thian Og Bay

Thian Og Bay is a secluded, private beach known for its powdery fine sand and crystal clear waters.

But what makes this area so special is the presence of the harmless blacktip sharks that swim in the area, which is why it has been given the nickname of Shark Bay.

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There is a small entrance fee to access the beach, but it’s a small price to pay given the sheer beauty of this place. Since there is no direct access here, you’ll have to pass through a few resorts on the east coast by foot, which are connected to the west shore of the bay. It can be accessed by boat or kayak as well.

During certain times of the year, visitors who come and snorkel may encounter small and big sharks, since the beach is also home to a shark nursery. The bigger sharks can be found around 250 meters off the shore where it’s slightly deeper. Majestic green turtles can occasionally be spotted here, too.

The marine life is vibrant, and the animals are friendly, but tourists are advised not to try to touch them so as not to cause them any harm. The best time to swim and snorkel to see the sharks and turtles are either in the early mornings or between 3 and 5pm daily.

Resorts can be found on each side of the bay, as well as on the hill. Most accommodation here highlight the terrific sea views, so you’re sure to enjoy beautiful vistas no matter where you end up staying in the area.

The beach rarely ever gets busy, which is what most people love about it. The secluded beach is ideal for relaxing and sunbaking away from prying eyes. The John Suwan Viewpoint, one of the most famous in Koh Tao for spectacular views, is only a short walking distance away.

The local name of this beach was derived from the presence of the beautiful pemphis acidula plants, which are known locally as Thian, hence Thian Og Bay. It is also framed by gently swaying coconut trees that add to its ambience of a tropical paradise.

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