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Thong Krut Beach

Thong Krut Beach

Thong Krut Beach is a charming hideaway in Koh Samui.

It’s a great spot to position yourself for exploring the stunning and diverse islands of the region, but there are also plenty of relaxing and exciting activities to enjoy here.

Thong Krut Beach & Bay, Resorts, Hotels, Village & Pier Map, Koh Samui

Located on Koh Samui’s southwest corner, this beach was once a sleepy fishing village. Today, it is experiencing fast growth thanks to the tourism boom.

Within the town itself, visitors are encouraged to explore the local restaurants and rustic pubs. What makes this beach unique is the absence of massive resorts and high-rise hotels; it’s much more low-key, and that’s what keeps people coming back.

The beach itself has a handful of restaurants with a view. Fresh seafood is offered daily, as well as a variety of other Thai favourites. The restaurants are either run by locals or ex-pats who have fallen so in love with the island that they never left! You’ll likely come across fishermen and villagers who still reside here, so why not make friends with them and get to know the history of the place?

When it comes to activities, you can choose from yoga, meditation, visiting nearby temples, and even taking a mountain bike to explore the jungle trails and dirt roads. If you’re looking for a quiet area that’s underdeveloped but big on relaxation, this is your best bet in Koh Samui.

If you’d like to explore the nearby islands, just book an inexpensive tour from one of the local tour operators. But if you’re interested in lounging or wading by the sea, your best bet is to head north or east for better quality sand.

The shore is where many colourful long-tail boats park, so it’s not really ideal for water sports or swimming. However, if you’d like to go on a fishing expedition, Thong Krut beach is perfect for that.

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