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Wat Bophut Tharam

Wat Bophut Tharam

The island of Koh Samui features a number of historic sites and wats. Wats are generally a type of Buddhist temple where people can meditate, offer prayer and worship.

Koh Samui is famous for a number of world famous wats, including the Big Buddha Temple. There are also an array of smaller wats spotted within the island’s vicinity. Wat Bophut Tharam is one such temple, located towards the northern border of the island.

Wat Bophut Tharam Temple, Koh Samui

The fishing village of Bophut is known for its beautiful beach and Chinese-Thai culture. Wat Bophut Tharam is notable for the unique architecture, beautiful sculptures, as well as its serene and calming setting.

Typically, many visitors miss this small wat, as it is not one of the main attractions on Koh Samui. Come here with your family and be blessed by the monks at this quaint and charming wat.

Wat Bophut Tharam is located near the stunning beach of Bophut. So to get here, you need to come from Chaweng and take the coastal road.

The temple is adorned by a beautifully decorated red and golden gate. The temple’s unique red colour looks amazing with its surrounding palm trees in its backdrop.

Not far from this landmark, you will come across the famous Bophut Beach, where tourists often spend time after visiting the wat. Enjoy some fun-filled moments on the white sandy shoreline, which spans two kilometres along the coast. Take some time to relax, stroll and enjoy an array of amazing water activities on the beach.

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What is the Wat Bophut Tharam address?
Route 4171
Just north of the Route 4169 and 4171 intersection, Bophut, Koh Samui

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