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Wat Lamai

Wat Lamai

Wat Lamai is an old Buddhist temple located in Ban Lamai, also known as Lamai beach. This temple is special because it serves important purposes other than just being a place of worship.

This is a significant attraction in Koh Samui because it houses Buddhist artefacts in its museum, and it also features a cultural hall that’s used for public events including funerals and weddings.

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The local Thai community view the temple as the main social and cultural centre. This is why it tends to get busier than other temples found in Koh Samui. Aside from public events, it is also the site of many temple fairs held throughout the year.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Koh Samui during one of these events, it’s quite an exciting local experience that you can’t get anywhere else. The temple fairs take place for over a week, and it usually includes fun games, food, and even outdoor cinemas.

Within the temple grounds of Wat Lamai, you may notice food, money, and flowers throughout. These are the donations given by locals and tourists, who support the maintenance and upkeep of the temple. You may also come across Buddhist monks dressed in their vibrant saffron-coloured robes because they live in the monastery on site.

The Cultural Hall inside Wat Lamai is worth checking out for its impressive collection of artefacts that speak of Koh Samui’s rich and colourful past. Some of the things on display here include earthen and brass vessels, various cooking utensils, muskets, swords, old bicycles and agricultural tools. There are also other eccentric things on display, such as dried puffer fish, Armadillo skin, and an ancient metal ceremonial drum unearthed from the village.

What’s interesting about all these items is that once you see them, it will give you a good idea of how people lived back in the past of Koh Samui.

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