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Wat Samut Tharam

Wat Samut Tharam

Wat Samut Tharam is a beautiful temple where you can immerse yourself in Buddhist culture.

Although Koh Samui is famed worldwide for its pristine beaches, only a few realize that it is also home to numerous Buddhist treasures such as this quaint temple. To make the most out of your visit to Samui, why not add this temple to your itinerary?

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Unlike other temples, this one stands out because you are treated to spectacular sea views. This combination of nature, religion, and culture altogether makes the temple worthy of a visit. The temple is a masterpiece, using white and gold stones with numerous shimmering gold accents.

Spend time walking around the temple to discover the intricate carvings and the Buddha statues. As a bonus, only a few people know about this temple so there’s a big chance you will have it all to yourself.

When visiting Wat Samut Tharam, visitors should practice proper temple etiquette. These are sacred places, so make sure that you turn your mobile phones off, and remove any headphones if you are wearing them. Avoid discussing inappropriate topics and always used hush tones only if necessary. Shoes and hats should always be left outside the main worship area. Most importantly, dress appropriately. It may be tempting to dress for the tropical weather, but when visiting temples, shoulders must be covered, and long pants should be worn. At the very least, you can bring a sarong to cover you.

After spending time with this hidden gem, there are lots more you can do and see nearby. There is a beach a few minutes away, which is almost deserted. If you’re keen to see more temples, there are also a few more around the area.

Other things to enjoy here include outdoor activities, cultural centres, cooking classes, tailors, hiking, diving, or simply relaxing in a bar o a restaurant.

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What is the Wat Samut Tharam address?
Moo 3
Approx 550m from the Dusit Dheva Cultural Center, and 19km from Route 4169, Lipa Noi, Koh Samui

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