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Car Hire

Car hire in Koh Samui is an economical and convenient option, especially for tourists. Even though taxis are very cheap here if you compare it with western standards, you’ll end up spending a lot. In contrast to a taxi fare in Bangkok, taxi services in Samui are more expensive.

Most of the taxis in Koh Samui don’t use meters; therefore, you’ll have to haggle a price before getting into the taxi. Of course, you have the choice to bargain; however, tourists very often end up over-paying.

Koh Samui Car Hire, Airport Rental Prices, Bophut, Chaweng & Lamai

Also, it can be difficult to deal with the taxi drivers as most of them don’t speak English. Therefore, it is advised to rent a car while vacationing in Koh Samui.

Of course, by renting a car you can enjoy exploring the island at your own pace. Also, it can be cheap if you are able to get a good bargain. Those who hire cars should have a clear understanding of the local driving laws. Basically, the car hire price varies from region to region.

To check out the cars, you can visit any local car hire shops or rent one from the airport – or even better, have a look online and compare prices. Before hiring any vehicle, you should check out details about insurance coverage and check your travel insurance to see if it covers accident excess.

Remember that you’ll always have to drive with great care. With a rented car, you will get an opportunity to drive around this breathtakingly beautiful island. If the car hire option is not suitable, you can also choose to hire a driver for the whole day or a half day tour.

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