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Getting Around Koh Phangan

Getting Around Koh Phangan

Tourists have plenty of choices when it comes to getting around Koh Phangan. Over the last few years, the roads have seen significant improvements.

The presence of new concrete roads makes it easy to get anywhere; where in the past, only a dirt road connected the east coast with the west, now this has changed for the better.

Getting Around Koh Phangan, Taxis, Motorbike Hire & Private Drivers

A car or motorbike is still the most convenient and easiest way to get around the island. Daily motorbike rentals are inexpensive, and rental shops can be found just about anywhere. Cars, and even 4×4 vehicles, can also be rented, which is ideal, especially if you’re travelling in a big group. However, keep in mind that when renting any mode of transport on Koh Phangan, you will be asked to surrender your passport for security purposes.

Cycling is another popular and efficient means of transport. It’s not uncommon to see fit travellers who cycle the entire island for fun, as well as exercise. You can also leisurely bike around to shop or pick up items from the convenience store. City and mountain bikes can be rented throughout the island for a low price.

If you’re based in the south of Koh Phangan, walking around is a good option since most of the terrain is flat, but the rest of the island is very hilly.

If you prefer to hire transport, taxis are safe and inexpensive too. Taxis can be found throughout Haad Rin and Thong Sala. Taxis can usually accommodate eight up to 10 adults at a time. Each journey has a set price, and bartering for a lower price is not possible. But taxis are so affordable that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket if you choose this form of transport the entire duration of your trip.

Longtail boats are a relaxing and fun way of getting around Koh Phangan, too. Each beach and bay offers stunning views, and the limestone formations and jagged cliffs are particularly enchanting.

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