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Getting Around Koh Tao

Getting Around Koh Tao

Getting around Koh Tao is easy, considering the entire island is very small. It’s possible to explore the whole island on foot in 4 days.

Most of the main roads on the island are new, and a majority of them are concrete, while the rest are dirt roads. Road works are continuing throughout the island, so it’s common to encounter random rugged patches that require you to tread carefully.

Getting Around Koh Tao, Taxis, Motorbike & Bicycle Hire, Long Tail Boats

Walking around is a scenic way of getting from one point to another. It also provides you with the opportunity to see things that you may miss while on a bicycle or taxi. The distance between beaches, bays, and towns is usually not more than 5 kilometres on Koh Tao, and some of the most remote areas and viewpoints can only be accessed by foot. It helps to pack some good walking or trekking shoes for your trip to ensure you walk comfortably and safely. Keep in mind that on the island, you have to walk on the right side of the road at all times.

The taxis you’ll find here are basically pick-up trucks that have been labelled with the word “taxi” on them. Taxi services have a per-person charging system and prefer to wait until more passengers arrive prior to leaving. If you are a couple or travelling alone, don’t be surprised if you end up paying double the price if you want to reach your destination right away. However, some parts of Koh Tao can only be reached via a four-wheel drive.

Taxi boats, also known as long-tail boats, are a great way of getting around Koh Tao. You can easily find them in beaches and bays, as well as in larger resorts. They offer scenic, relaxing island-hopping trips.

Motorbike and bicycle rentals are available at low prices throughout the island and are a fun way of exploring provided that you are confident in doing so. Just make sure you wear a helmet at all times since accidents are common.

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