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Hin Kong

Hin Kong is a beautiful stretch of beach in Koh Phangan; most of which remains undeveloped. Lush mangroves dot the coastline, and several Thai long-tail fishing boats are parked on the shore.

Tourists flock here to enjoy warm Thai hospitality and high-quality establishments such as restaurants and bars.

Hin Kong Accommodation, Beach Resorts, Hotels & Villas, Koh Phangan

Although the beach may not be ideal for sunbathers and snorkelers, what makes this area unique is that it’s blessed with terrific views that can be seen from various establishments throughout the bay. The evenings here are particularly beautiful; the waters mirror the colours of the sky and come alive with the sunset.

Accommodation can be found on the coast and the headland, which it shares with Srithanu. It features luxury beach resorts, deluxe villas, boutique hotels, as well as cheap bungalows, so there’s something for everyone here.

In the past, Hin Kong was the preferred residential area for many people who stayed in Koh Phangan for the long term. Nowadays, it’s known for its growing wellness industry. From new age healing methods to yoga, detoxification programs, and meditation, you’re likely to find it here.

Kiteboarding has also become popular here from November to March. Beginners and seasoned kiteboarders are welcome!

For those who prefer to stay on land, mountain biking in this area is highly recommended. The trails here are incredibly lush, and you get to see some of the most beautiful sights on Koh Phangan. Bicycles can be rented at affordable prices in town.

The area is also equipped with necessary tourist infrastructure and facilities. These include ATM’s, a hospital, banks, clinics, and convenience stores. Along the beach itself, guests can choose from a wide selection of food and beverage outlets. From healthy and vegetarian food to Western favourites, this beach has something for everyone to enjoy.

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