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Mae Haad
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Mae Haad

Mae Haad is the main port town of Koh Tao. It is also where the local government offices are found, as well as the police station, banks, and post office.

Over the last few years, it has experienced dramatic changes. It was once a sleepy fishing village, but today is bustling with more tourist activity.

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Even though it’s much busier today, this area is still unique because you can still feel the Thai culture all around you. It is home to several important landmarks; including the famous shipwreck which can be found on the bay’s southern end. Any tour agent can take you snorkelling to see the shipwreck, which sank in 1962.

Visitors who would like to experience the best of Koh Tao are better off choosing accommodation in Mae Haad because of its proximity to many tourist sites. Some of these options include beach resorts, budget hostels and boutique hotels.

Sairee Beach is nearby, ideal for those looking for a busier vibe or some nightlife. Sai Nuan Beach, just south of town, is a terrific place to immerse yourself in nature. The nearby beach is incredibly beautiful, with white sand and excellent snorkelling just a few meters from the coast.

The nearby islands are known for the amazing marine life, which is why diving and snorkelling are such popular activities here. In fact, for many, this area is the number 1 snorkelling and dive spot in all of Koh Phangan.

This spot is only ever bustling in the centre, but you are encouraged to explore north or south to discover places of interest. There is a wonderful variety of restaurants in town as well as right on the beach, serving local and international delicacies at affordable prices.

If you fancy cooking your own food or perhaps replicating what you’ve just learned during your Thai cooking lessons, there are also some fresh markets where you can shop and learn about local produce.

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