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Sri Thanu

Sri Thanu

Sri Thanu is a charming coastal village with lots to offer. Although quaint, the area is rich in historical and cultural attractions – all located within a scenic beachside town.

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach and authentic, colourful Thai culture, you’ll find it here.

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It’s best known for the fishing port and the Laemson Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in all of Koh Phangan. Both are worthy of a visit; especially the lake, which is now the site of a popular aquatic obstacle course. It guarantees a full day of fun for the whole family, especially kids, who will enjoy jumping into the lake and bobbing around on inflatables.

The area has several beaches for travellers to explore. On its southern end, Laem Srithanu is home to several hidden beaches that are all pristine and beautiful. What’s great about the beaches here is that coral reefs are all nearby, so you can be assured of fantastic snorkelling throughout the year.

Both sides of the fishing port are flanked by stunning beaches, while a river divides the bay and flows out into the open sea. There are a few resorts in this area, frequented by travellers who are looking for seclusion in Koh Phangan.

Drinking and eating options are abundant, with a wide range of choices available: vegan, health food, western, Thai, and much more can all be found here. Best of all, the beaches here are uncrowded. There are also several wellness centres in the area, offering Pilates, yoga, detox programmes, and more.

There are several businesses and establishments near the port, while the main street is dotted with plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes. Tourist facilities such as ATM’s, banks, clinics, and shops are also found here. Just off the main road lies the main temple; a beautiful religious site worth checking out.

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