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Koh Tao Villas

Koh Tao Villas

Koh Tao Villas are impeccably designed with privacy in mind. Travellers love these villas because they are usually detached and completely furnished, stylish, and spacious.

They allow you to enjoy the scenic environment of this beautiful island while having all you need right within reach. Here are some of the most stunning villas around.

Koh Tao Villas & Luxury Accommodation Rental With Private Pool & Balcony

The Cape Shark Villas is always highly rated by guests for its elegance and fantastic service. Brown and white hues dominate its interiors and exteriors for a refreshing contrast against the turquoise colour of the seas. Cape Shark Villas truly showcases the views; it’s equipped with a pool, seating areas, and extremely spacious two, three, four, and even five-bedroom villas.

Naroua Villas is perfect for couples and families with kids. It’s located in a peaceful location, so you are guaranteed tranquillity and a serene environment. Perched atop a hill, Naroua Villas overlooks the Gulf of Thailand but the highlight here is definitely the private pool that comes with each villa. If you want to swim at the beach, it’s just a few minutes away.

Chalisa Villas in Sairee Beach are charming, modern villas. A combination of rustic decor and Thai elements greets you at the villa, which is located in the middle of a lush tropical garden. Clean, spacious, and a predominantly white design welcomes guests; it’s furnished with a swimming pool, and the beach is nearby. Guests can choose from villas of different sizes which can accommodate groups as well as couples or solo travellers.

The POP Boutique Pool Villas is proof that you don’t have to spend too much just to enjoy world-class villa accommodation in Koh Tao. Guests can appreciate views of both mountain and sea while indulging in impeccable completely furnished rooms. This villa is highly recommended for large groups; they have three and even six-bedroom villas which can fit thirteen people.

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