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Gulf Of Thailand

Gulf Of Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand is surrounded by three major Asian countries-Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Each one of these countries boasts beautiful beaches with crystal-clear azure water of the gulf.

Thailand features the northern tip, with the Thai capital city of Bangkok featuring the gulf bay at the edge of the Chao Phraya River.

Gulf Of Thailand, Islands, Location, Weather, Beaches & Diving Map

The Gulf of Thailand covers roughly 320,000 km2 with Koh Samui’s vibrant beaches and shoreline also being a part of the gulf. While the northern border is defined by many Thai islands and cities, the southern border is bounded by the line from Cape Bai Bung in Vietnam. A part of the southern edge also borders the Malaysian city of Kota Baru.

The level of water varies based on the location and the density of marine life differs from one region to another.

The water of the Gulf near Koh Samui Island is crystal-clear and cerulean. Therefore, scuba diving and snorkelling is well enjoyed at this spot. Due to the low water exchange, you will find amazing coral reefs and rich marine life here. The water also stays warm due to the tropical weather. Therefore, tourists flock into the island of Koh Samui to enjoy swimming, diving, snorkelling and other water activities.

The Gulf of Thailand harbours a wide array of colourful coral reefs. So if you take a diving trip underwater, you will be able to enjoy a broader view of the underwater world that features a vibrant array of colourful fish, crustaceans and coral reefs.

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