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Koh Tao Diving

Koh Tao Diving

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Koh Tao is renowned globally as a world-famous scuba diving site. Travellers come from all corners of the globe to come and experience underwater life right here.

After all, there are cheap dive courses, diverse marine life, and the islands are simply beautiful. Here’s everything you need to know about diving in Koh Tao.

Koh Tao Diving, Scuba Courses, Schools, Sites, PADI Packages & Prices

If you’d like to take a diving course here, you’ll have to choose between PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), or the SSI (Scuba Schools International). Each of these dive organisations have their own course materials, but there is hardly any difference between the two.

No matter which you choose, they use the same dive gear, take you to the same dive spots, and you’ll walk away with the same knowledge. However, PADI is the largest scuba diving organisation in the world and if this makes you more comfortable, go with them instead.

Typical dive courses in Koh Tao take three days, and consist of reading books, watching videos, taking tests, and of course: diving! The academic aspects of diving are not complicated, and even young kids can get their first certifications here.

When it comes to dive sites, this destination offers many to choose from. Chumphon is one of the most famous; known for pinnacles concealed with bright anemone and large schools of barracudas, batfish, and trevally. On a good day, you might even get a chance to see whale sharks and scorpionfish.

The Wreck of Sattakut is a reasonably new dive site; here you’ll visit a former US Navy ship which sunk recently. Colourful sea life including pufferfish and stingrays, have made a home out of the wreck, although it requires you to be an advanced open water diver to visit.

Shark Island, found on the island’s western side, is also recommended for advanced divers because it may have strong currents, as well as aggressive fish. This dive spot is known for an abundance of moray eels, stingrays, and nudibranchs.

Other notable dive sites in Koh Tao include The Twins, Sail Rock, White Rock, and Green Rock.

No matter where you choose to dive, your experience here will be unforgettable.

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