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Biggest Yang Na Tree

Biggest Yang Na Tree

The biggest Yang Na tree is a famous natural landmark in Koh Phangan, which stands at a majestic height of 14 meters tall and is believed to be around 400 years old.

Its scientific name is the ‘Dipterocarpus Alatus’, which is a tree commonly found not just in Thailand but the neighbouring countries of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This tree, in particular, can grow as high as 50 meters.

Biggest Yang Na Tree, 14-Metre Tall Tree Address & Location, Koh Phangan

The tree is valued for the resin or sap that it produces, which is used to make rubber, lacquer, boats, and even herbal medicine using the bark. It’s also harvested for a variety of other purposes, such as for cabinet making and construction.

What makes Koh Phangan’s tree so special is that instead of harvesting it for rubber, the community allowed it to grow on its own. Because of the many useful purposes of this tree, unfortunately, the Dipterocarpus Alatus is recognized as a threatened species so it’s quite a sight to behold when visiting Koh Phangan.

There are brightly coloured ribbons around the tree, as well as some flowers, which the locals have placed to indicate that it is lucky. Old Thai culture states that natural, old things are considered good luck, and by adorning it with flowers and ribbons, they believe that it prevents any harm from coming to the tree. Some Thais also believe that trees are homes of spirits.

The tree is usually found around rice fields, which are meant to help prevent the occasional flooding that these areas are prone to. Local traditions also place great importance to the tree for its ability to help improve the fertility of the soil in rice fields. The tight canopy casts minimal shade, while its root system doesn’t compete with the roots of rice.

The biggest Yang Na tree is located on the road that takes you to Thong Nai Pan, around 1 kilometre away from Bantai Road.

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