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Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach is considered by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Thailand. Also known as Haad Khuad, this beach is found in northern Koh Phangan.

It tends to be more secluded and quiet, which attracts laid-back travellers.

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In the past, it was a sleepy fishing town was home to Chinese fishermen, but sometime around the 1980s, European travellers discovered the area. They were among the first outsiders to visit the beach, and soon enough, word about this small pristine coastal town spread and it became popular among backpackers. Today, it’s still less developed compared to the busy areas of Koh Phangan, and it continues to attract visitors from all over the world – particularly those who want to avoid the crowds.

The beachfront area facing the sea has numerous resorts and guesthouses, each of which has their own restaurants. There is a handful of affordable and mid-range accommodation to choose from; including resorts, hotels and private villas and bungalows.

One of the main draws here is the fresh seafood you’ll find right on the beach, which you shouldn’t miss out on. Indulge in grilled and cooked squid, prawns, mussels, crab, and many more fish. This resort town also features bars, but if you want more action and nightlife, head over to the nearby Chaloklum.

Resorts and dive shops here offer diving, as well as snorkelling since the marine life is among the best in the country. There are also several trails which you can access via trekking tours, but since they are easy, there is also the option of just heading out by yourself. Just be sure to pack the right footwear. For relaxation on the beach, it doesn’t get better than booking an authentic Thai massage under the coconut trees.

Bottle Beach visitors are encouraged to take a taxi boat, or a traditional long-tail boat, to explore the nearby islands. The boat trips are cheap and relatively comfortable.

Another nearby attraction is Haad Khom Beach, which is found on Chaloklum’s north-eastern area and you’ll have to pass a small, steep street to get to. Haad Khom is another charming and laid back beach that you’ll surely love.

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