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Chaloklum Bay

Chaloklum Bay

Chaloklum Bay is a charming coastal town in Koh Phangan.

The beach is 2.5 kilometres long, and it’s primarily known for being a sleepy fishing village, making it a favourite of travellers looking for a quiet area on the island away from the Full Moon Parties.

Chaloklum Bay, Resorts, Villas, Restaurants, Bars & Cafes, Koh Phangan

The town is less developed and commercialised compared to the rest of Koh Phangan. The beautiful handmade long-tail boats greet visitors who stroll on the shores; a sight to behold when eating at beachfront restaurants. The bay’s waters are crystal clear and invite you to take a dip, especially on a hot day.

Overall, the area is a relaxing place to visit. Even the city centre of Chaloklum is rather tranquil, but there are convenience stores, shops, and restaurants to be found. Throughout the bay, many different accommodation options can be found for travellers who wish to stay a night or more; including hotels, resorts, villas and bungalows.

Should you decide to come and visit, there are many things you can experience aside from taking in the beautiful beach. One of the most popular attractions nearby is magnificent Than Sadet National Park, which features stunning waterfalls.

Tour operators offer island hopping trips to the Ang Thong National Marine Park; famed for being the location of the cult movie The Beach. Snorkelling and diving are popular here, thanks to colourful and abundant sea life. The Koh Ma National Marine Park, as well as Sail Rock, are top choices for diving, while the vibrant coral reefs of the island’s west coast are suitable for snorkelling.

The lush mountains surrounding Chaloklum Bay offer excellent trekking and hiking. Khao Ra, a 627-meter high mountain, is the largest mountain in all of Koh Phangan. Visitors are rewarded with picturesque views atop the mountain, and on the trail itself, you may be greeted by monkeys, deer, several types of birds, and other wildlife.

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Moo 7
Part of the Chaloklum Beach, Chaloklum, Koh Phangan

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