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Haad Gruad Beach

Haad Gruad Beach

Haad Gruad Beach is a tranquil, isolated beach area just south of Haad Salad beach. For those looking for a quieter escape from the busy areas of Koh Phangan, this beach is perfect for that.

Here, you can come to enjoy clear turquoise waters and a serene tropical atmosphere punctuated by golden sunsets.

Haad Gruad Beach, Resort, Bungalows & Restaurant, Koh Phangan

The white-sand beach here is small, with granite boulders flanking the shore. Aside from relaxation, visitors love this area for the fishing and snorkelling not so far away. The shallow tide and a vibrant reef just off the shore make this beach an ideal destination for families with kids, who will appreciate the terrific snorkelling all year round.

Most of the area is unspoiled and pristine, and the lush jungles are nearby – ideal for trekking and exploration. The beach only has a handful of bungalow accommodation – all relatively inexpensive, yet cosy.

Haad Gruad Beach may be isolated, but it has just the right amount of attractions and establishments to ensues that visitors have everything they need within reach. These include yoga studios, dive shops, pharmacies, convenience shops, local and international restaurants, and small beachfront bars. Haad Yao and Haad Salad are nearby in case you’d like to explore the dining and nightlife for a change.

Many of the beachfront resorts also provide hammocks, sun loungers, and chairs for guests to unwind in while taking in views of the sea. Best of all, there are no peddlers or vendors selling trinkets on the beach to disturb you.

But the main reason why visitors come back to this special beach over and over again is that it offers a peaceful escape in an incredibly beautiful area.

Getting here is easy from Thongsala port, where you can hire a taxi. Once you get to the beach, cars and motorbikes can also be rented.

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What is the Haad Gruad Beach address?
Moo 8
Approx 500m north-west off Long Beach Road, Haad Salad, Koh Phangan

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