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Haad Tien
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Haad Tien

Haad Tien is a charming, secluded beach in Koh Phangan.

It has long been the destination of choice for travellers looking to escape the chaos of Haad Rin, as well as those looking for new-age activities to enjoy.

Haad Tien Beach & Bay, Accommodation, Resorts & Hotels, Koh Phangan

This beach is dotted with several yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, and other similar healing centres. Many of them are built in such a way that guests can indulge in these activities all while taking in the views of Koh Phangan.

The sand is coarse and combined with some coral deposits. The swimming area is close to the reef although the best swimming conditions are during the high tide season from November to April.

The beach is divided into eastern and western areas – both of which are equipped with a wide range of establishments, services, and activities. Visitors can choose to go with a luxury hotel, mid-range, or a cute budget bungalow since there is a wide range of accommodation to choose from here.

There are dive shops, tour services, souvenir shops, restaurants, and a great selection of chilled-out bars. For those looking to relax, there is an excellent assortment of massage parlours and spas. Should you need medical assistance, the nearest hospital and clinics are in Haad Rin, which is just nearby.

Despite the popularity and numerous establishments here, Haad Tien beach has still maintained its laid-back vibe and serene ambience even during peak seasons. So whether you’re going for a honeymoon, a little nightlife, or just to relax, this beach has something to offer everyone. And if you’d like to explore the popular beaches of Koh Phangan, doing so is easy especially if you can ride a motorbike.

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