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Lamai Viewpoint

Lamai Viewpoint

The Lamai Viewpoint is a famous spot in Koh Samui for taking in impressive views.

Compared to others in the area, this one is favoured by more tourists because it’s a well-developed spot with sturdy pathways and a platform with a balcony for safety.

Lamai Viewpoint, Restaurant, Cafe, Cable Car, Zipline & Sunset, Koh Samui

Located off the main ring road, the viewpoint is in close proximity to the popular Hin Tai and Hin Yai rock formations. It’s perfect for taking photo ops to make your friends back home jealous, but there’s much more to discover here than just beautiful vistas.

An entrance fee of around 100 baht is required, and for this price, you will also be granted passes to the stunning Siva Tara Waterfall and the Valentine Stone. The Valentine Stone is aptly named because it is a heart-shaped rock, while the Siva Tara Waterfall offers an invigorating dip in freshwater that runs down the hillside.

For around 800 baht, this is inclusive of those attractions plus an exciting zip line ride in the nearby hills for an adrenaline-packed bird’s eye view of Koh Samui that you can’t get anywhere else. The admission also includes a fish foot spa; a unique experience wherein small fish nibble at your toes in order to clean it.

Getting to the top of the viewpoint will require a ten-minute hike up a concrete road. A cafe and bar greet you on the way, ideal for stopping over for some refreshments. For visitors interested in the Samui Cable Ride, getting here will require a short stop at the viewpoint so that you can collect the equipment you need for the adventure. Most tour agencies offer a combination of these attractions depending on your preferences.

The Lamai Viewpoint is open daily from 9am to 6:30pm. Its address is at 127/199 Moo 3, just off Route 4169 in Lamai, Koh Samui.

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What is the Lamai Viewpoint address?
127/199 Moo 3
Just off Route 4169 (Approx 350m north of Hin Ta Hin Yai), Lamai, Koh Samui

Please visit our website for more information on the Lamai Viewpoint.
What are the Lamai Viewpoint opening hours?
What are the Lamai Viewpoint entry prices?
Viewpoint Entrance: 100 baht
Viewpoint Entrance + Cable Car: 300 baht
Viewpoint Entrance + Zip Line: 800 baht
Viewpoint Entrance + Cable Car + Zip Line: 1000 baht

Please visit our website for more information on the Lamai Viewpoint.
What is the Lamai Viewpoint phone number?

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